Associate in Science Degree in Business

Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology offers a comprehensive general education program featuring:

  • Seamless transfer process into a bachelor’s degree program
  • Low student-to-faculty ratio
  • Full-time faculty focused on student-centered learning

Develop valuable business knowledge and skill in a variety of areas including basic accounting, economics, statistics, business law, human resources, and business management. All coursework in the Business Associate in Science Degree  (AS) seamlessly transfers to any Oklahoma college that offers a bachelor’s degree in business. Students who complete a bachelor’s degree are likely to have increased earnings of almost $1 million over the course of their lifetime compared to high school graduates.

Graduates who earn an AS degree in Business from OSU Institute of Technology can seamlessly continue their education towards a Bachelor’s degree that will allow them to pursue careers in a wide variety of fields such as academics, accounting, government, human resources, management, and marketing. The AS degree in Business will give students the foundation of courses they need to transfer and complete a Bachelor degree in business-related studies at most universities across the nation.

Plan of Study