Construction Management

“I don’t think my company would ever have even looked at me as a project manager if I hadn’t gotten this degree. You’re not going to learn everything for your job while in college, but it teaches you how to learn and it shows your employer that you’re committed.”

–Brian Kizzia, OSUIT Alumni, Construction Management

Get ready for excellent job opportunities in high demand by starting your future through OSUIT’s Construction Management program. A degree in Construction Management will prepare you to be an integral part of the team that manages the varying aspects of the construction site. Graduating students start in entry level management positions like; office engineer, project engineers or field engineers.

Because of the education you earned through OSUIT’s Construction Management Degree and your work experience, our long-term goal for you is to be an Assistant Project Manager or Project Manager or to be a job site Assistant Superintendent or Superintendent in five to ten years.

OSUIT graduates are heavily recruited and receive training from qualified instructors as well as advice from those in the industry. In this program, you will learn by doing and train on the latest tools and technology in the industry today. Two eight-week internships are an integral part of the degree program leading to the Associate in Applied Science in Construction Technologies - Construction Management.

“My vo-tech instructor saw that I was kind of a leader in the class. He said ‘I think you’ll make a good supervisor one day. I think you have the skills.’ I didn’t have any idea of going to college, but he encouraged me and told me about the Construction Management program here.”

–Adam Jobe, OSUIT Alumni, Construction Management