High Voltage Lineman Program

Students in OSUIT’s High Voltage Lineman program are a special breed

OSUIT’s program training future high voltage linemen utilizes the university’s outdoor lab, the latest technology and a hands-on instructional approach to teach everything from pole climbing to substation operations to electrical and transformer theory.

In addition to instruction on campus, students can also take advantage of paid internships to gain additional first-hand knowledge and experience, some even participating in helping restore power to areas devastated by storms.

With an Associate in Applied Science specializing in High Voltage Electricity, graduates begin work as a lineman (power line technician) and advance to foremen, job superintendents, labor leaders, power line estimators and contractors. These are careers not many people can undertake and the need for these positions is expected to only increase.

We are only able to enroll 25 lineman students for the fall, spring, and summer semesters.  To get on one of these lists, you must complete all admissions and divisional requirements.  The High Voltage program requires that a student have no academic deficiencies.  Students must show proficiency by either ACT scores, ACCUPLACER testing, or by transfer classes. You will not be put on the acceptance list unless you have satisfied these requirements AND have contacted Paula Blair directly.