Truck Technician Program

The OSUIT Truck Technician Program is a cooperative two-year college level Truck Technician Training program that leads to an Associate in Applied Science.

The School of Diesel & Heavy Equipment at Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology (OSUIT), working in close relationship with OEMs, Dealers, and Fleets, administer the program activities. The Program is exclusively by and for companies that have agreed to conditions and responsibilities set forth in a signed a Letter of Agreement with OSUIT.

The purpose of the program is to upgrade the technical competency and professional level of incoming over the road truck service technicians. It will train students to diagnose, repair, service, and maintain over the road trucks using TMC recommended procedures, special tools, and service information. It will provide course content that will enable successful graduates to advance in position after additional experience, and to understand new systems and components as they are introduced.

The two-year, five semester program incorporates approximately one-half of the time designated for technical / academic education at OSU Institute of Technology. The remaining time is allocated for on-the-job experience at the sponsoring company's shop.  Each block of technical education and general education course work is followed by an immediate internship experience that reinforces the technical education.