Western Equipment Dealers Association Technician Training Program

OSU Institute of Technology offers the leading industrial and farm equipment degree program sponsored by the Western Equipment Dealers Association. The purpose of the program is to upgrade the technical competency and professional level of incoming industrial and farm equipment service technicians.

Those selected to be in the two-year Western Equipment Dealers Association Technician Training program will spend half their time on campus for technical instruction on current products and equipment learning the latest diagnostic and service procedures. The rest of the time will be spent getting real-world on-the-job training at WEDA-member dealerships.

Students in the program will now be learning and training in a newly renovated 7,550 square-foot space, more than doubling the amount of lab space previously used. The larger space offers a more controlled environment for students and instructors to facilitate better learning.

Faculty offices are now located in the same area as the classroom and lab, and there’s more computer lab space within the classroom.

Access to computers and advanced technology has become vital to the curriculum and training in the WEDA program. Farm and industrial equipment has advanced to utilize computer programs and GPS applications so these machines can almost run themselves in fields and on farms. The days of your grandfather’s tractors are nearly over, so technicians tasked with maintaining and repairing these pieces of equipment need highly-skilled and technical training.

Graduates with an Associate in Applied Science in Industrial and Farm Equipment are prepared to enter the workforce as trained service technicians who can diagnose problems and perform factory recommended service procedures in order to maintain high customer service satisfaction.

The program also enables graduates to understand new systems and components as they are introduced as well as advance within the business after additional experience. With dealerships across the country, a career as a heavy-duty truck technician can take students anywhere.

About Western Equipment Dealers Association

Originally the SouthWestern Association Industrial & Farm Equipment Program, OSU Institute of Technology now offers the Western Equipment Dealers Association Technician Training Program after a merger of the SouthWestern Association with a similar association in Canada in September 2014 and formed the new Western Equipment Dealers Association (WEDA).

The SouthWestern Association (SWA) was established in 1889 by a group of independent hardware and farm equipment and mercantile dealers to help increase profitability and solve common problems. While the Association’s scope of interest has evolved over time, the basic concept of working together for the common good remains the same.

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