Pipeline Integrity Program

The Pipeline Integrity Technology curriculum at OSU Institute of Technology enables students to develop the skills and knowledge required to be successful in the pipeline industry. Major topics include assessing pipeline damage and risk, corrosion control, regulations, safety, design, and integrity management.

Oil and gas remain the primary energy source around the globe, and the movement of these products in an efficient manner is more critical than ever.

Though the world's infrastructure continues to age, these same pipelines will be called upon to operate for decades to come as demand increases and new sources of energy products are discovered. It is imperative that the integrity and security of these aging structures be well-maintained and managed.

The need for skilled engineering technologists that install, operate, maintain, repair, and manage the integrity and security of pipelines is on the increase as a large portion of the current workforce in this arena reaches retirement age. By pursuing an Associate in Applied Science in Pipeline Integrity Technology, you’ll be ready to earn a competitive salary with enormous growth potential in just two years.

Integrating engineering technology competency areas and employability skills, OSUIT faculty foster an applied learning environment where you will learn by doing. Students work as individuals and in teams in realistic laboratory environments to solve challenging real-world problems. At OSUIT, you will experience a multi-disciplinary program that allows you to become a highly productive team member in the industry, often bridging the gap between the engineer and the layperson that is charged with implementing the design.