Empowering the next generation of Power Plant Operators

Top 10 reasons to pursue your degree at OSUIT:

  1. Industry sets the educational (real world) standards and leads in the transfer of hands-on knowledge to students. Learn more about the industrial leaders that make up our Advisory Board.
  2. OSUIT develops the curriculum, creates a degree plan, and establishes the scope and sequence based on the industrial recommendations. We bring the science and technology concepts behind what industry wants to be taught. Our curriculum makes use of the proximity of operating power plants as our lab setting.
  3. Students engage in a two-year degree plan that includes a paid internship and access to years of power generating experience resulting in an Associate in Applied Science and significant progress towards an initial Plant Operator qualification.
  4. Instructors are experienced in operations and maintenance of power generation facilities (combined more than 50 years of experience).
  5. Our facilities includes a large workshop, computer lab, classrooms, and the 11 power plants within a one hour drive of our campus.
  6. Our program is established to take a hands-on approach to STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) studies and mold them into a meaningful degree that bridges the skills gap facing America.
  7. Over the last five years, more than 90 - 95% of graduates have been placed in power plant jobs.
  8. We fully support the “Troops to Energy” initiative. We help transition the skills and training gained in the military into a high paying career path. Military training and experience can translate into earned college credits. Veterans you may be closer to a degree and great career than you think.
  9. Our main focus is on the Clean Energy of Combined Cycle Electrical Generation. Students develop the knowledge and responsibility to safety, environmental, and regulatory compliance.
  10. OSUIT Power Plant Technology Program is the obvious solution for educating the next generation of Power Plant Operators.