Nursing Advisement Information

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Admission to OSU Institute of Technology

Complete the college admissions process through OSU Institute of Technology, which includes providing: an application for admission, official high school and college transcripts, ACT scores, academic assessment as needed, and appropriate paperwork for international applicants.


Application to the Nursing Program

Nursing Department Application
The application needs to be returned to the Department of Nursing.

The fall entry application window is March 1 to May 15. The spring entry application window is July 11 to September 15.

All students declaring a nursing major are assigned to the Department of Nursing for advisement. Students may schedule an appointment to speak to a nursing advisor by calling (918) 293-5337. Pre-Nursing students must see a nursing advisor before enrolling. Early pre-enrollment is encouraged.

 OSUIT Nursing Program Traditional Advisement Information
The advisement information explains the details of the application process, loan and grant information as well as other need-to-know information for incoming students.


Nursing Admission Requirements

  • Students must score 55% or higher on the Kaplan Admission Test for Reading and Math and 35% or higher for Science to be considered for the nursing program. The exam  is administered in the nursing department only. To schedule an appointment, call (918) 293-5337.
  • All official college transcript copies from previously attended colleges should be on file in the nursing department with the original in the OSU Institute of Technology registrar’s office.
  • Students applying to the OSU Institute of Technology Nursing Program are selected on the basis of a point system.

It is strongly recommended that the science courses be completed before beginning the nursing program. To be considered for admission to the program, students will have to maintain a minimum grade point average of 2.0 in required general education and support courses. Successful completion of the nursing program requires a “C” in all courses related to the Associate in Applied Science in Nursing Degree. A student cannot be admitted to the program with a “D” in any required courses.


Entry Level Assessment & Placement for College Course Work Only:

The preliminary screening instrument for recent high school graduates and non-graduates aged 20 years and younger will be the Enhanced ACT, with established cut-scores in the sub-tests of English (19), math (19), reading (19), and science reasoning (19). Adult students 21 years of age and older without ACT scores and students 20 years and younger who scored below the established ACT cut-scores will be required to undergo additional evaluation using the COMPASS test to determine readiness for college-level work.

Those students obtaining sub-test scores in the college-level range will have demonstrated competency and may pursue college-level course work, while those students with cut-scores below the college-level range will be required to improve skills in one or more of the following: reading, English, and science. Students will need to score a 21 on the ACT science subscore to enter Anatomy, Physiology, or Microbiology. If a student’s score is 19 to 20, they may go into Biology 1114; if a student’s score is 18 or below, they will need to be enrolled in Physical Science.

If the student tests using the COMPASS test (college placement test offered at OSUIT) the student will need to score above:

  • Reading 81
  • English - Writing 74
  • Math - Arithmetic 46
  • Algebra 68 or College Algebra 45

The student will also need to have a score of at least 126 in Reading and College Algebra when added together or a score of at least 149 in Reading and Algebra when added together in order to be placed in college-level courses. If the student scores below the above scores, the student will be placed in remediation courses.


Physical & Mental Qualifications

The following minimal physical and mental qualifications are required to be considered for admission into and progression through the OSU Institute of Technology Nursing Program but are not limited to:

  • The ability to lift weights of up to 35% of recommended body weight independently.
  • The ability to facilitate movement in client’s room and work areas.
  • Visual acuity sufficient to observe and assess client behavior, prepare and administer medications, and accurately read monitors and utilize equipment.
  • Auditory acuity sufficient to hear instructions, requests, monitoring alarms, and to auscultate heart tones, breath sounds, and bowel sounds.
  • The motor ability necessary to manipulate equipment and supplies to utilize palpation and percussion in client assessment.
  • The ability to proficiently speak, write, and comprehend the English language.
  • The ability to communicate in a professional manner, establish rapport with clients and colleagues, use problem solving skills, and function effectively under stress.


Clinical Records

Upon acceptance into the program students will need immunization records that show documentation of:

  • 2 MMR’s or a positive titer;
  • Hepatitis B series of three vaccinations, titer, or declination form;
  • Varicella vaccine or titer;
  • TB testing showing negative status yearly;
  • Current CPR certification;
  • Tdap vaccination, Influenza vaccine;
  • National Federal Criminal Background Check;
  • Negative 10 panel drug screen – performed at a designated lab by the Nursing Department;

Physical Assessment form provided by the Nursing Department stating that the student can meet all physical and mental requirements state above.