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Orthotics & Prosthetics student


Please contact us with any additional questions that you have about the O&P program.

How do I schedule a tour of the campus and O&P lab?

Prospective students interested in the Orthotic and Prosthetic (O&P) Technologies program may schedule a tour of the O&P lab and OSUIT campus by clicking on the tour request link and then choosing a date on the calendar that is convenient to tour.  Complete the form with your contact information and choose Orthotic and Prosthetic Technologies as the department that you would like to visit.  After submitting your request, you will receive a confirmation email with more detailed instructions.


How do I apply to the O&P program?

There are no separate admissions requirements for the program, and students may begin taking O&P courses in their first semester after being admitted to the university. Please see the Admission Requirements page for more information on how to apply to OSUIT.


How do I pay for college?

There are many options for students to pay for college including grants, scholarships, tuition waivers and loans. The first step is to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). OSUIT’s Financial Aid and Scholarships Department will then notify you of the financial aid that you are eligible for after they receive your FAFSA information.


Are tools, scrubs, or safety equipment required for the O&P program?

The O&P program does not require students to purchase tools and scrubs. Tools are readily available for student use in the O&P lab.


Do I have to complete my internship in Oklahoma

O&P students are not required to complete the O&P internship in Oklahoma. Internships can be completed at any facility that gives students the opportunity to gain hands-on technical experience in fabrication. O&P program faculty and staff will assist O&P students in finding internship locations.


Does OSUIT offer scholarships or tuition waivers to students?

Yes, OSUIT offers tuition waivers and scholarships to students, and students will need to complete the FAFSA to be considered for them.

Click here to get further information about tuition waivers and scholarships at OSUIT:


Can I get transfer credit or advanced standing placement for previous college courses?

Yes, the Office of the Registrar at OSUIT reviews admitted student transcripts from previous schools for course credit, and there is no cost for this service. OSUIT students may also receive course credit by taking either the CLEP exam or advanced standing exam through OSUIT’s Assessment Center. There is a cost of $5.00 per credit hour to post CLEP exam or advanced standing exam credit to the transcript.


Am I able to receive course credit for my previous work and/or military experience?

Yes, OSUIT follows the American Council on Education (ACE) requirements for awarding credit to students for previous work and/or military experience. The faculty member or advisor will evaluate a student’s request for advanced standing credit and determine if the request has merit. The faculty member will compare the documentation for previous work and/or military experience with the course competencies to determine equivalency.  If the documentation is determined to be equivalent to the course competencies, then course credit will be granted for the previous work and/or military experience.


What is the campus like at OSUIT?

OSUIT is a quiet campus in a traditional midwestern community. Students can focus on their studies and make close friends. There are school-sponsored clubs and activities for students to use their free time in good ways, and the O&P department sponsors a student club to provide extra-curricular activities related to the industry and major. With approximately 3,000 students on campus, teachers and staff know students personally and are able to support and encourage them individually. The campus environment is warm and friendly, and students know they can ask for help if they need it.