Information Technologies ABET

The OSU Institute of Technology Information Technologies Division is currently pursuing accreditation for its Bachelor of Technology in Information Technologies through the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology. This site has been created to provide valuable accreditation information to all program stakeholders.

What is Accreditation?

Accreditation is a process which organizations volunteer to undergo to ensure certain standards are met in key areas.

What Different Types of Accreditation Exist?

Two primary types of accreditation exist: institutional and programmatic. Institutional accreditation focuses on an entire university or college. For instance, OSUIT is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Programmatic accreditation focuses on particular programs of study.

What is ABET?

ABET is a nonprofit organization that focuses on the accreditation of academic programs in applied science, engineering, technology and computing, with each program type falling under a different commission. OSUIT’s Information Technologies Division is currently working with ABET’s Computing Accreditation Commission.

What are the Advantages of Being ABET Accreditated?

• Assists prospective students in identifying quality academic programs

• Aids employers in identifying academic programs from which to recruit graduates

• Ensures that institutions continually improve program quality

Which Aspects of a Program Does ABET Evaluate?

In their evaluation of OSUIT’s Information Technologies program, ABET will review the following eight areas.


I. Students

II. Program Educational Objectives

III. Student Outcomes

IV. Continuous Improvement

V. Curriculum

VI. Faculty

VII. Facilities

VIII. Institutional Support