Degree Information

Degree Information for the AAS, AS and BT in IT

Enrollment Guides

The enrollment guides show the suggested sequence to take courses to earn the IT degrees.

For a list of technical elective coursework, see “Course Schedules” below.

There is a maximum timeframe allowed by financial aid to earn degrees, so students should select their coursework carefully.

Plan of Study

This is the official plan of study for students pursuing an IT degree(s) at OSUIT:

  • Associate in Applied Science (AAS) in Information Technologies – 61 credit hours
  • Associate in Science (AS) in Information Technologies – 63 credit hours
  • Bachelor of Technology (BT) degree in Information Technologies – 121 credit hours

Do note individuals must complete an AAS degree (or higher) prior to formal admission to the BT degree.

Course Schedules

These documents show the projected IT course offerings, including their prerequisites and modalities (such as traditional face-to-face or online). This is for both the required and elective IT coursework.

IT Course Descrptions

To read IT course descriptions, look under the “Course Descriptions” section at the back of the OSUIT University Catalog, under Information Technologies.

Degree Information specifically for the BT in IT

Application for Bachelor of Technology

In addition to the OSU Institute of Technology (OSUIT) Application for Admission, a separate application (Application for Bachelor of Technology) is also required for students pursuing the BT in Information Technologies.

BT in IT Background Review and Release

A student must submit a signed BT in IT Background Review and Release form prior to acceptance into the BT in IT program.