Distance Learning (e-Learning)

Can the IT degrees be completed through distance learning?

The great news is YES.  All three IT degrees (Associate in Applied Science, Associate in Science and Bachelor of Technology in Information Technologies) can be completed online. This includes both IT coursework as well as the School of Arts & Sciences general education courses, excluding some of the remedial coursework.

We are a member of NC-SARA (the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements), which allows us to offer distance education courses to students in the majority of states.  See the attached link to view the qualifying states: http://nc-sara.org/sara-states-institutions. If your state is highlighted on this map, you can enroll in our program to take our distance learning coursework.

How do online classes work?

OSUIT uses Desire2Learn (D2L) for their distance learning platform.  Students access D2L through the Online Classroom on the OSUIT website.  With D2L, everything for the class is set-up for easy access by the student.  All assignments with due dates are clearly posted.  All coursework is submitted and feedback from the instructor is provided via D2L through a digital drop box.

What about interaction with the instructor?

All online IT courses have interaction built into the course.  This may involve one-on-one email exchanges, phone calls, discussion boards, or other methods as specified by the instructor.  Students are encouraged to interact with both their instructor and their fellow classmates, as this enhances the learning experience.

How are exams taken?

Exams are administered online through D2L.  Some IT instructors will require an approved proctor to be present during exam times.  In this situation, you submit a proctor’s name and contact information (typically from a school) close to your location to your instructor.  Upon instructor approval, the proctor will be the individual to administer and submit the exam to the instructor.

Are there scheduled meeting times?

There are no scheduled meeting times for online coursework.  It is designed to be flexible.  While there are due dates for all of the coursework, the work can be completed and submitted anytime within the assigned time frame. 

Some instructors may schedule contact times with you to see if you have questions or concerns. 

Will I learn the same content as students taking coursework face-to-face on campus?

The content for online coursework and face-to-face on campus courses is designed to be equivalent.

How do you teach technical concepts online?

We use Virtual Machine and simulations, which allows students to learn IT concepts virtually.  With these helpful tools, an instructor can assist a student in the learning process by manipulating their desktop remotely.  Stumped on a problem?  You can see it demonstrated live in front of you!

Are there other ways to take courses besides online and face-to-face on campus?

Some courses are offered in a hybrid mode, which means they will have 1-3 face-to-face meetings on campus during the semester, with the majority of the coursework online.  Other classes are offered in a blended mode, which means there are 1-2 class meetings face-to-face on campus per week, with the remainder of the course online.

Are there are extra fees to take distance learning courses?

There is an additional off-campus electronic media fee per credit hour.  Visit osuit.edu/costs for the most current fees.

How do I get started?

To begin, go to osuit.edu/apply for information on admittance to OSUIT. 

Want more information?

Visit osuit.edu/academics/online for additional information on online courses at OSUIT.