Program Overview

The OSU Institute of Technology (OSUIT) School of Information Technologies offers Associate in Science (AS), Associate in Applied Science (AAS) and Bachelor of Technology (BT) degrees in Information Technologies both in traditional on campus courses and online.

As a graduate of the School of Information Technologies, you will be able to:

  • Work in a broad spectrum of career fields and locations;
  • Acquire high-demand post-secondary credentials;
  • Continue your post-secondary studies;
  • Complete one or more professional certifications or certificates.

Whether you are new to computers or an experienced professional seeking a credential or certification(s) to further your career, our technology-intensive, application-focused programs help you gain experience in a broad range of information technology (IT) areas, such as computer hardware, networking, operating systems, programming, web development, database, scripting, and IT security.

Students pursuing the BT in Information Technologies degree will choose one or more of the following career options:

  • Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics: Protect computers, computer systems and networks from threats such as hackers, viruses and worms, and investigate cyber activities.
  • Network Infrastructure: Design, implement and manage network infrastructure, operations and services.
  • Software Development: Design, develop, document, test, implement and maintain computer, database and web applications.

The IT field offers many rewarding professional opportunities. Graduates of the School of Information Technologies go to work in a wide variety of career fields and locations. Many advance to become managers and supervisors with significantly increased pay!