Admission Requirements

The number of students allowed to enroll in the program is highly selective. You must first be accepted by the university before applying to the program.

Admission to OSU Institute of Technology

Complete the college admissions process through OSU Institute of Technology, which includes providing: an application for admission, official high school and college transcripts, ACT scores, academic assessment as needed, and appropriate paperwork for international students. Apply online.

Admission to OSU Institute of Technology School of Watchmaking

In order to make an appropriate enrollment decision, consideration for acceptance into the program will be based upon the results of a thorough screening and interview process involving the following requirements and activities as listed.

1. Satisfy general admissions standards to OSU Institute of Technology.

2. Demonstrate the ability to succeed in the program by:

  • Scoring 19 or better on all ACT sub-tests; OR Making the following minimum scores on COMPASS available from the OSU Institute of Technology Assessment Center, in person or via the Web.
  • Passing a hands-on Mechanical Aptitude Test, covering visualization, spatial relationships, direction following, reasoning and problem-solving skills through School of Watchmaking.

3. Share information about your history, interests, plans and career goals by providing the following:

  • A resume that describes your present skills and abilities and your volunteer and paid work experiences;
  • An essay of 200-300 words that tells why you think this program is right for you. The essay should describe your goals and interests, what you hope to get out of the program and what you have done so far to prepare.

4. Provide a letter of recommendation from someone other than a family member.

5. Receive positive recommendations from participation in interview sessions with representatives of the employer advisory committee, the program faculty and the program supervisor.

6. Individuals who wish to gain admittance to the School of Watchmaking are required to obtain and submit a background check [PDF Document].

**Applicants are invited to participate in a prospective student day to have opportunities to meet industry representatives and fulfill the requirements #2 and #5. Prospective student days are normally held in the spring and early fall each year. 

Please submit all documents to:
School of Watchmaking
Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology
Attn: Jason Champion
1801 E 4th St. DWRTC #235
Okmulgee, OK 74447
United States of America