Graduate Stories

Jason Bird

Jason Bird
Patek Philippe
New York, NY

For Jason Bird, the path to a satisfying and rewarding career led from his hometown of Salem, Ore., to the rolling prairies of Oklahoma and OSUIT. Now, Bird has found that rewarding career as a watchmaker with renowned Patek Philippe in New York City.

“I did a lot of research on watchmaking schools," Bird said. "OSU Institute of Technology has classrooms and labs that are superior to the other schools I visited.”

Bird says he appreciated the friendly atmosphere of a small campus with a faculty with the expertise to train students in the fine details of watchmaking.

“I learned a whole new way of looking at things," Bird said. "I found the faculty had such breadth of knowledge and experience that I was able to select the best from each and mold myself into a watchmaker.”

Shane Dixon

Shane Dixon
Orlando Watch Company
Winter Park, FL

Sometimes a career in watchmaking can actually begin with a romantic angle. Florida native Shane Dixon married the daughter of a watchmaker and was soon enamored of his father-in-law’s world.

He selected OSU Institute of Technology as the premiere location to learn his profession and acquire credentials that would give his employer and customers confidence in his knowledge and capabilities.

“Acquiring broader product knowledge is a huge part of my future," Dixon said. "Before I attended OSU Institute of Technology, I didn’t know one thing about watches. When I graduated, I had the basic knowledge to start my career. Every day at work I learn different movements, tools, techniques, product knowledge, and watchmaking history; all very important if you want to be a well-rounded watchmaker.

“Anyone interested in watchmaking should know this profession is demanding. It takes extreme dedication, effort, and passion to become a certified watchmaker. Once the certification is yours, so is your future. Working conditions are great and how much you earn is up to you.”

Randy N. Truong
Samuel Gordon Jewelers
Oklahoma City, OK

“OSUIT not only prepared me for my career, it prepared me for life. The theory, micro mechanics and shop management lessons have given me the skills and confidence to work at a high-end jeweler. My instructors and classmates at OSUIT have helped me build a successful profession with a bright future.”

Erik Suderman
Patek Philippe
New York, NY

“While selling high-end time pieces at a jewelry store I became interested in watchmaking. To better understand watches I studied the history of time and its measurement. The accurate measurement of time facilitated sweeping societal changes that I found intriguing. I began looking at watchmaking as a possible career choice. The choice to attend OSUIT put me on the path that lead me to work for Patek Philippe USA. I am very satisfied with the instruction I was given at OSUIT. I have built upon that knowledge and am enjoying my career.”

Charles Berthiaume
Rolex USA
Senior VP of Technical Operations

“Rolex values the longstanding educational commitment that OSU Institute of Technology has made to the watchmaking profession in the United States.”