Academic Affairs

  1. Faculty Workload
  2. Program and Curricular Changes
  3. Standards for Semester Credit Hours
  4. Special Admission of Students
  5. Please see Policy #4-011
  6. Faculty Credentials
  7. University Academic Format
  8. Ordering Textbooks
  9. No Policy or Procedure
  10. Use of Library Facilities, Materials, and Equipment
  11. Assessment and Remediation
  12. Admissions to, Retention in, and Transfer Among Colleges and Universities of the State System
  13. Grading Policy
  14. Guidelines for Concurrent Enrollment of High School Students
  15. No Policy or Procedure
  16. Appeal of Final Grade Not Involving Allegation of Academic Dishonesty or Misconduct
  17. Advisory Committees
  18. Credit for Prior Learning
  19. Academic Forgiveness
  20. Attendance Records
  21. Student Attendance
  22. International Student Admission and Admission of Students for whom English is a Second Language