Fiscal Services Policies & Procedures

  1. Employment Probationary Period
  2. Attendance and Leave
  3. University Holidays
  4. Employee Performance Appraisal
  5. Overtime and Timekeeping
  6. Employment Policy and Hiring Procedures for Administrative/Professional Staff and Faculty
  7. Extending Job Offers to Prospective Faculty
  8. Nondiscrimination, Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action
  9. Appointment of Interim or Acting Administrators
  10. Promotion and Transfer of Nonexempt Staff
  11. Appointment, Promotion, or Transfer of Faculty
  12. Resignations Suspensions and Dismissals for Faculty and Exempt Staff
  13. Resignations Suspensions and Dismissal for Non-Exempt Staff
  14. Outside Activities, Extra Compensation, and Conflict of Interest
  15. Grievance Procedures
  16. Uniform Pay Plan for Classified Employees
  17. Political Activities of Employees
  18. Worker’s Compensation Insurance
  19. Appointment, Promotion or Transfer of Exempt Staff
  20. Postal Services
  21. Motor Pool Services
  22. Purchasing
  23. Travel
  24. Property Insurance
  25. Employee Liability Insurance
  26. Employee Indemnification Bonding
  27. Inventory of Moveable Equipment
  28. Disposition of Surplus Property
  29. Vehicle Liability Insurance Coverage
  30. Fees, Tuition, and Other Charges
  31. Change Funds and Imprest Cash
  32. Use of Campus Facilities
    1. Campus Activity Request
    2. Facility Use Rental Agreement
  33. Extracurricular Use of Campus Facilities
  34. Employee Training and Educational Assistance
  35. Family and Medical Leave Act
    1. FMLA Attachments
  36. Retroactive Cost Transfers Relating to Sponsored Agreements, Grants and-or Contracts
  37. Costing Practices for Sponsored Agreements and Service Projects Grants and-or Contracts
  38. Financial Conflict Of Interest
  39. Employment Policy Hiring Procedures for Nonexempt Staff
  40. Layoff/Reduction in Work Force - Staff
  41. Vending & Laundry Services
  42. Use of Campus Guest House
  43. Tuition and Fees Refund Policy
  44. Employee Compensation for Degree Attainment
  45. Layoff/Reduction in Work Force - Faculty