June 2015

Q&A - June 28, 2015

Like many residents, I was surprised to learn that downtown Okmulgee had a Post Office building even older than the Post Office currently in use. For the purpose of creating student loft apartments, OSUIT purchased the 1918 Post Office building along with the retail building that was added to it in 1919. The two-story, 40,000 sq. ft., old post office complex makes up the city block between Grand Avenue and Central Avenue along the north side of 5th Street. It sets approximately one block north of the square.

Q&A - June 21, 2015

Back in January, the Oklahoma Board of Regents for the A&M Colleges, which governs the Oklahoma State University System, gave OSUIT permission to purchase two properties in the historic district of downtown Okmulgee. At their meeting last Friday, the Regents took the next major step in advancing this project by approving architects and a construction management firm to work with OSUIT on the design and renovation of both properties.

Q&A - June 14, 2015

Oklahoma State University started its operation in Okmulgee in 1946 when the Glennan Military Hospital was purchased and converted into a training facility to help WWII veterans reenter the civilian workforce. The campus that is now known as OSU Institute of Technology has been in continuous operation ever since. It required great vision to see the potential in abandoned military barracks nearly seventy years ago, but look at what OSUIT has become today.

Many people still have great vision in Okmulgee. Allow me to explain as I respond to this next question.

Q&A - June 7, 2015

Something very special is happening in Okmulgee right now. As a resident, I’m optimistic about the future of our city and encouraged by the Okmulgee Rising sentiment. I am also mindful that residents have high hopes and expectations that this revitalization movement will be more than a passing trend or fantastic whim.