August 2015

Q&A - August 16, 2015

Every successful enterprise and business has a good working knowledge of their assets and liabilities. As they plan for their success, they find ways to accentuate their assets and build upon them while minimizing their liabilities and preventing them from becoming distractions.

This week, I would like to weigh the assets and liabilities of our community as I respond to the following two questions:

Q: What are the biggest challenges facing Okmulgee?

Q&A - August 9, 2015

Students come to OSUIT because they value the quality education and vocational training we provide, but many are also looking for something more—they want the overall experience that often accompanies college life. By creating a fashionable downtown urban environment, we hope to be able to provide an experience beyond what we have offered in the past and give potential students another reason to choose OSUIT as their college of first choice.

Q&A - August 2, 2015

It can be said that most students who enroll at OSUIT are actually entering the apprentice phase of their careers. With many industry specific programs and majors, OSUIT provides essential skills training to students before they enter the workforce as full-time employees. But it should also be known that OSUIT is an outstanding academic transfer institution as well.