November 2015

Q&A - November 28, 2015

These are exciting times for Okmulgee, Oklahoma. In recent months, our town has seen a flurry of new business startups. Traffic seems to be picking up all over town, real estate is moving again, and sales taxes have been up—all signs of economic prosperity.

Q&A - November 22, 2015

Typically, when two people work together, they can complete a job faster than can one person working alone. A team that works well together can complete a task more efficiently and more effectively and in less time than when a solo effort is embarked upon.

The same is true when two or more organizations or public entities work symbiotically. By combining their talent and resources, they can cut down on redundancies and maximize efficiencies. The next set of questions focus on this principle:

Q&A - November 11, 2015

OSUIT is a unique college that was founded in 1946 as a place where returning World War II veterans could receive robust vocational training that would help them reenter the civilian workforce successfully.

Oklahoma has always cared about its veterans, and this is one shining example of how public resources were applied to provide the very best for our returning heroes. To this day, OSUIT has remained true to that original mission and continues to hold its doors open wide to veterans and their families.

Q&A - November 8, 2015

It is true, I could have taken the same funds and built a brand new dormitory building to house a similar number of OSUIT students on campus, but that would never impact this community as much as purchasing historic buildings in downtown Okmulgee and refurbishing them into loft apartments for students.

A new dormitory on campus would never have encouraged the private purchase or renovation of a single downtown property and would not have prompted any investments in new shops, restaurants, or businesses anywhere in this community.