February 2016

Q&A - February 26, 2016

I do not believe it is an overstatement to say that “Okmulgee is experiencing a renaissance.” Call it what you want (a rebirth, a reawakening, a revitalization, etc.); but make no mistake about it, something special is happening in Okmulgee, Oklahoma.

As evidenced by the enthusiasm of the capacity crowd that showed up at the Creek Council House in January for the Okmulgee Rising 2.0 event, it is obvious to me that community support and interest continues to be strong for all things Okmulgee.

Q&A - February 19, 2016

At OSUIT, we hail our ethnic diversity as being one of our many strengths as an institution of higher education and learning. I am quite proud of the fact that in the latest U.S. News and World Report rankings of Best Colleges, OSUIT made the list of regional colleges with the best ethnic diversity.

The racial breakdown of our student population is approximately 58% White, 21% American Indian, 5% Hispanic, 5% African American, 1% Asian, and 10% other or unreported. As such, we enjoy many inherent opportunities to learn about different peoples and ways of life.

Q&A - February 12, 2016

OSUIT in Okmulgee is a public institution of higher education that has several services available for the entire community. So, please come visit us soon.

Q: What parts of campus are open to the general public?

While most of our facilities are dedicated to instructional usage, we do have several parts of campus that cater to the general public.

Q&A - February 5, 2016

It seems like whenever change occurs (even positive change), some people will oppose it. But one thing I have learned over the years is not to listen to the naysayers because there will always be cynical people who will try to convince you that you can’t accomplish anything. If the naysayers had their way, nothing new or innovative would ever be attempted, much less accomplished.