June 2016

Q&A - June 24, 2016

Seems like mankind has always found it easier to tear down than to build up. This week, I offer twelve attitudes or actions from citizens that can “kill a small town.” Lists similar to this have been published in newspapers around the country, but I thought you might find this topic sarcastically amusing.

Q: How do you kill a small town?

Q&A - June 17, 2016

When I attended the Okmulgee Pecan Festival over the weekend, I saw more than carnival rides and corndogs. I saw a small town waking up from a prolonged slumber and reclaiming an important part of its heritage. Beyond the amazing street performances and lively sidewalk exhibits, I saw the reemergence of community pride on full display.

Q&A - June 10, 2016

The city of Okmulgee was founded during Reconstruction after the Civil War. In 1878, the Creek Nation built a wooden council house, and the city has been the capital of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation ever since.

Q&A - June 3, 2016

During a public ceremony earlier this week, Muscogee (Creek) Nation Principal Chief James Floyd proudly announced formal plans to restore the Creek Council House in downtown Okmulgee.

With this announcement, the enthusiasm behind #OkmulgeeRising is really starting to intensify. I applaud the Chief’s leadership in this historic venture to reclaim a cultural landmark and to promote community pride and development.

This week, let me shine some light on recent developments in downtown Okmulgee.