July 2016

Q&A - July 22, 2016

Energy efficiency—just a few decades ago it was a radical idea, but now, it has become a featured selling point of almost every product and service we buy. Diligent shoppers used to concern themselves only with unit prices, but now we have many other factors to consider like the effect of a product on the environment or how well it saves resources.

Q&A - July 15, 2016

New improvements are showing up in downtown Okmulgee nearly every day. The Okmulgee Main Street office has relocated to the southeast corner of 6th Street and Grand Avenue. It is now in the beautifully renovated first floor of the historic Kennedy Building. Local artist, Carmen Taylor, has completed her vibrant mural on the east-facing upper wall of the Sneed Building.

Q&A - July 8, 2016

Downtown student housing…I know it seems like it is taking forever, but frankly, I’ve always believed that something worth doing is worth doing right. OSUIT is working with a highly-skilled team of experienced architects, engineers, and builders on the renovation of historic buildings in downtown Okmulgee, and believe me when I tell you, “these professionals are going to do it right.” Plans are still on track to occupy the Old Post Office by the fall of 2017 and to have the Bell Building operational sometime thereafter.

Q&A - July 1, 2016

This Fourth of July, as we celebrate the birth of our nation, we do so with flags, fireworks and patriotic fanfare. As generations before us, we pause to reflect on the fact that we live in the freest nation that has ever existed.

Q: We seem to be so divided as a nation anymore. What is there to unite us as Americans?