November 2016

Q&A - November 25, 2016

At the end of my column every week, I customarily solicit my readers for more questions, but sometimes I ask for your thoughts and comments as well. This week, I would like to publish some of the comments I have received.

“I use to be embarrassed to tell people that I was from Okmulgee. I would always say, ‘I live south of Tulsa.’ But now, I’m proud to tell people that I live in Okmulgee. It’s a good opener for me to tell them about all of the exciting things happening here.”

Q&A - November 18, 2016

Many agree that what is happening in downtown Okmulgee right now is absolutely unprecedented. So understandably, people outside of Okmulgee are starting to take notice of the exciting changes occurring within our community.

Q&A - November 11, 2016

Since its founding in 1946, the primary mission of Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology (OSUIT) in Okmulgee has been to train a workforce to meet the needs of the country’s infrastructure. Unlike any other institution of higher education in the state (and perhaps the country), OSUIT is a university of applied technology where hands-on learning is the standard.

Q&A - November 4, 2016

Every community experiences ups and downs. For a whole host of reasons, some new business startups succeed, and others fail. Some people remain in the community, and others move away. New jobs are created, and some jobs disappear.

There is an unremitting ebb and flow washing across every town, and Okmulgee is no different. Inevitably, change will occur, and that is not a reason to despair. To avoid being washed out by the tide, we just need to learn how to ride the waves.