June 2017

Q&A - June 30, 2017

OSUIT is proud to be one of the largest employers in Okmulgee since 1946. OSUIT is proud of our reputation of being the premier postsecondary technical training institution in the State of Oklahoma. OSUIT is proud of our experienced faculty and staff who produce highly skilled technicians to industry standards. OSUIT is proud of our students who have a job placement rate of well over 90% upon graduation. We have many reasons to be proud at OSUIT. So, when we started our fundraising campaign, we named it “OSUIT PROUD.” As we work hard to expand opportunities for students as well as our community, we are looking for individuals who want to support the success of this institution and join us in being OSUIT PROUD.

Q&A - June 23, 2017

In my six years as president of OSU Institute of Technology, I have learned that the university’s loudest cheerleaders and biggest champions are our graduates. Time and time again, I hear stories from our alumni about how this campus and their instructors changed their lives for the better and set them up for success along their career paths. That is why celebrating our alumni every year at the Alumni Homecoming & Hall of Fame Reception is one of my favorite nights of the year.

Q&A - June 16, 2017

I believe the most powerful force within any community or organization is the people within that community or organization—they can either be a positive or a negative force. By collectively establishing and maintaining a set of cultural norms and belief systems, they can be extremely entrenched and formidable. But I am equally convinced that one person can positively influence an entire community. Let me explain why.

Q&A - June 9, 2017

Most people like to be generous when they can and enjoy helping others who are in need or otherwise deserving. It’s strange, but when you give generously to others, you never seem to feel depleted—more often, you feel rewarded. It’s nice to receive an enthusiastic response from the recipient of your generosity, but the true reward is the gratification you feel inside when you give to others. Regardless of the recipient’s knowledge or reaction, being generous makes us feel better about ourselves as human beings. This week, let’s explore some ways to exercise our generosity.

Q&A - June 2, 2017

Annual festivals and celebrations are vital traditions to communities like Okmulgee, which is why it was such big news when the renowned Pecan Festival returned to downtown Okmulgee last summer after a decade-long hiatus.