September 2017

Q&A - September 29, 2017

And the winner is…the community of Okmulgee! Last Tuesday evening, at the Okmulgee Community Center, nearly 170 people showed up to take part in the annual Food for thought event. As in the previous year, this event was aligned with the Okmulgee Mural Project to allow public input for public art.

Q&A - September 22, 2017

“Outstanding” is not a word I use lightly. For those of you who read this column regularly, you will recall I have previously mentioned that OSUIT has many outstanding faculty and staff members, and I’ve even cited some specific examples. Well, this week I would like to tell you about three more outstanding faculty and staff members from our campus.

Q: Which employees did the OSUIT Faculty/Staff Council honor this year?

Q&A - September 15, 2017

No matter how busy our lives get, there’s always time for the things that matter most to us. We put in long hours at our jobs and still find time for family and friends. We perform all the necessary tasks and assignments in our lives and somehow still have time left over to watch our favorite television shows or for the social activities we enjoy. We prioritize our time for the things that matter.

Q&A - September 8, 2017

As major renovations continue on the Grand Old Post Office complex, a few “Monday Morning Quarterbacks” have questions. Let’s address them…

Q: With all the work you’re putting into it, why didn’t you just tear down those old buildings downtown and start over with something brand new?

Q&A - September 1, 2017

When Goldilocks visited the three bears’ house, she sampled all the bowls of porridge, sat in all the chairs, and tried all the beds until she found what was “just right” for her. College students sometimes have similar difficulties in finding what’s “just right” for them. They check out different colleges, sample various majors, and try out assorted clubs, activities, and housing options until they find the right fit.