Q&A - April 7, 2017

The downtown Student Housing Project is proceeding right on schedule.

Q:What has Okmulgee done to support your project?

Much! OSUIT and Oakridge Builders would like to express our gratitude to the residents of Okmulgee. First, we appreciate the patience of drivers during the ongoing renovation of the Old Post Office Complex. We know we have inconvenienced you when we temporarily closed roads and narrowed lanes while sewer lines and other underground utilities have been connected. Additionally, we have blocked traffic with the delivery and movement of materials. And sometimes, our heavy construction equipment must maneuver onto city streets. We know this type of construction-related activity creates disruptions for drivers, but we are so grateful for the tolerance everyone has shown for these unavoidable traffic slowdowns. It’s impossible to contain all of our work-related activities within the confines of the construction fence, and we appreciate how residents have been willing to slow down or reroute themselves to give our workers the clearance they need to do their jobs safely.

Second, we are grateful for your continued patience with all the mess and noise we have been making for the last six months. With all of the saws, hammers, rough in installations, and various piles of materials, construction sites can be loud and unsightly places. Trash and other debris can blow from our site onto streets and neighboring properties as well. We apologize for the annoyance our activities can create for other people. All of you have been so gracious and understanding, but we still wanted to say “thank you.” We are aware that many of you are conducting your day to day activities in neighboring buildings all around us. You and your customers are affected by the disarray and chaos we are creating in the peaceful downtown of Okmulgee, and we are sorry for being such a nuisance. We promise it won’t last much longer.

Third, we would like to personally thank the Open Gate volunteers, who regularly feed the hungry of this community, and so generously fed our construction workers a warm meal last month. Our crews usually work up a big appetite by lunchtime, and they are really enjoying the many wonderful restaurant options in Okmulgee, but the beans and cornbread you served up and the cobbler you prepared for dessert was a true favorite. Your smiling faces and kind words made our construction crews feel very welcome to be in Okmulgee and even more proud of the work we are doing for this town.

For the impeccable customer service we have received from T.H. Rogers, we are also indebted. Most people may not realize that every stick of lumber for the framing of the new apartments throughout the Old Post Office Complex has been locally sourced and promptly delivered by T. H. Rogers in downtown Okmulgee. This fine local business is representing Okmulgee in the best possible way. It’s just a shame that most of this beautiful, straight lumber will be hidden behind sheetrock walls.

Thank you, Okmulgee. I will bring you more updates as the project moves forward. Please send your questions to osuit-president@okstate.edu.