Q&A - August 30, 2015

They say “you never get a second chance to make a good first impression.” So at OSUIT, we are trying to improve how things look when you approach campus. For starters, we have worked with the State Highway Department to erect new highway signs that reflect the correct name of our institution.

We have also installed a full color electronic marquee at our east entrance on Loop 56 and a new OSU Spirit Riders display along the Loop. I am particularly proud of these ten foot tall steel figures because they were fabricated in-house—by the skilled maintenance staff of OSUIT. Let me also acknowledge the many long hours spent by our OSUIT grounds crew this summer mowing and trimmed the lawns all across campus. They take pride in their work and do an incredible job keeping up the appearance of campus. All of these first impression improvements complement the recent Okmulgee City Council resolution to rename the Highway 56 Loop to “University Boulevard.”

Now, let me respond to a friendly inquiry about recent improvements on the southwest corner of the OSUIT campus.

Q: I really like the new sign on the corner of 4th & Mission. Do you have any other plans for this area?

Thank you for noticing the new campus marker sign. We are mighty proud of the way it turned out. It is actually a high-quality metal sleeve that fits down over the top of the old concrete monument sign that was in that same location. Our maintenance staff did a marvelous job clearing out and trimming some of the overgrown vegetation that was there, and I think the new plants are looking very sharp. And let me just add that if you like the sign during the day, you are going to love the way it looks at night. The extruded plastic lettering and logo glow with interior LED lighting, creating an impressive display afterhours. It should be there for many years to come, greeting visitors from town with the striking OSU orange and black.

To further clean up the southern approach to campus, OSUIT has purchased all of the abandoned buildings on the southeast corner of 4th and Mission—across from the new sign. This includes everything from the Mission Lane Auto building to the old Speed Queen Laundromat. Our plan is to improve this corner by removing the old buildings and installing new greenery and landscaping features to augment the views of campus. We have completed our phase II environmental study of this site and should be ready to begin razing the buildings sometime this fall. Soon, we hope to have an unobstructed view of campus as visitors approach from the direction of downtown Okmulgee.

It is my intention to share further updates with you as we make improvements to these twelve acres of land and pond purchased south of campus. OSUIT is your university, and I want you to be informed of what is going on as we grow. So, please don’t be afraid to ask me questions. Send your questions or comments to osuit-president@okstate.edu.