Q&A - August 4, 2017

We are three quarters of the way through with the work being done on the Old Post Office complex in downtown Okmulgee. Here at the end of July, we are just wrapping up the ninth month of a twelve month renovation project.

Q: I love seeing all the new windows being installed on the Grand Old Post Office Building.

Thank you. Most of the window openings have been boarded up for weeks/months, and it is good to see light filling the rooms in the building again. With brand new windows being installed on the Grand Old Post Office, it’s like the building is waking up from a long slumber.

Many skilled workers have painstakingly labored to return functionality and beauty to the Grand Old Post Office complex. Their collective efforts are quickly erasing the destructive effects of time and neglect. The building has been completely reroofed and leaking skylights have been upgraded to new light wells. Crumbling bricks have been replaced and cracks in the mortar filled. Rotted doors have been removed, missing downspouts restored, dried caulk and weather-stripping replenished, and broken windows have been replaced and resealed. This abandoned block of buildings was in serious disrepair, but with a little care and attention, it is slowly regaining its composure and standing proudly once again.

With construction oversight and management provided by Oakridge Builders, the renovation is still very much on schedule. Framing has been completed to reveal a completely new residential floor plan. The building has an entirely new water cooled HVAC system, as well as all new electrical and plumbing throughout. Heat pumps have been installed in every apartment unit. A building-wide fire sprinkler system has been installed. Dry-walling has been completed, and inspections are ongoing. We should start seeing the installation of finishes very soon.

Q: This project is very important to Okmulgee. Nothing like this has been done here in my lifetime. What can I do to support OSUIT’s downtown student housing project?

From the very beginning, this was intended to be a project that benefited the students of OSUIT as well as the community of Okmulgee. To this end, OSUIT is conducting a capital campaign to allow private donors to assist with the GOPO project. The fundraiser is called the OSUIT PROUD campaign and is open to anyone or any organization who wishes to contribute. Gifts of any size are welcome, and all donors will be recognized on the donor wall in the completed building. For larger gifts ($10,000 and above), room naming opportunities are still available.

To learn more about giving opportunities and campus priorities at OSUIT, please visit the osuit.edu/giving website. If you would like to make a donation to the OSUIT PROUD campaign, Glenn Zannotti, associate director of development with the Oklahoma State University Foundation can assist you. He can explain how your gift can make a difference in this exciting project in downtown Okmulgee. Glenn can be reached at (918) 606-8313.


I appreciate the keen interest local residents seem to have in this downtown student housing project. Please continue to forward your inquiries to me at osuit-president@okstate.edu