Q&A - November 1, 2015

As news of a tragic accident on the streets of Stillwater spread on the morning of Saturday, October 24, concerned and compassionate people across the state and the country collectively offered a prayer for the victims and those affected by this heartbreaking incident.

In that awful instant, lives were lost, and others were changed forever. In that agonizing, unalterable instant, nearly the entire nation became part of the grieving OSU Cowboy family. Without regard to team affiliation or the desired outcome of any game to be played on that day, a caring nation paused and reflected on the fragility of life and upon the dear things that make it so precious to us.

There were no rivalries in that moment of sorrow, no competing school colors, no opposing mascots or symbols—only well-wishers who would have given anything to have prevented such a horrible and senseless occurrence.

Too suddenly, excitement can turn into sadness and laughter into tears. In a single, sobering moment, we can be abruptly reminded about the priorities of life. All of us at OSUIT are proud members of the OSU family, and we grieve with that extended family at this time. I have no proclivity for questions and answers on this day, only contemplation and prayer.

May God provide peace and comfort to those in pain and in mourning from the terrible accident that preceded this year’s OSU Homecoming Game.

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