Q&A - November 25, 2016

At the end of my column every week, I customarily solicit my readers for more questions, but sometimes I ask for your thoughts and comments as well. This week, I would like to publish some of the comments I have received.

“I use to be embarrassed to tell people that I was from Okmulgee. I would always say, ‘I live south of Tulsa.’ But now, I’m proud to tell people that I live in Okmulgee. It’s a good opener for me to tell them about all of the exciting things happening here.”

“…admit it, this town is just too far gone to save.”

“It is so refreshing to read your articles every week...I am so grateful you are taking the time to communicate with the general public this way.”

“Path does not work for the town of Okmulgee…he needs to start working for the university not himself and his own agenda.”

“I stopped taking the paper for many years, but I wanted you to know I started taking it again because of your articles. They are so inspiring and positive…just what this town needs.”

“I like that you are exposing the problem we have with naysayers in this town…They are going to destroy Okmulgee.”

“…He (Path) even wrote at length about the flowers in the flower pots in downtown Okmulgee, however the flower pots at the school are full of weeds.”

“Your campus is always so beautiful and well-maintained…We enjoy walking on the trails in the evenings.”

“…with all the ways you are reaching out to this town, this is the first time I have ever felt like OSUIT was really part of this community. Thank you!”

“His articles that he has written for the town paper this past year have been about downtown Okmulgee...There is a reason no other college president has done this, it’s because it is a bad decision.”

“I look forward to your articles. Every Friday, when I pick up the paper, it is always the first thing I read.”

“…at the OHS Reunion…I put out a stack of your newspaper articles for them (alumni) to read. They were so impressed…They need to see what Okmulgee Rising is all about.”

“A small group of ‘elites’ control this town…he (Path) sounds to me like someone who is on his high horse.”

“It took someone of your status to stand up for this community and to really help people to start believing in Okmulgee again. We appreciate what OSUIT has done.”

“OSUIT has been the wind in the sails of Okmulgee Rising. Without your involvement, this movement would probably have died out a long time ago.”

“He (Path) has surrounded himself by ‘yes men/woman’ that won't disagree with any choices he has made…We need a voice and someone that can tell (him) – NO!”

Sometimes, the naysayers have the loudest voices in town, but I believe there are far more positive minded people in Okmulgee than naysayers. We cannot allow optimism to be stifled by negativity. For our community to thrive, we need the positive voices to prevail. If you have additional comments, please send them to osuit-president@okstate.edu.