Q&A - October 13, 2017

Every day, we are getting closer to opening the OSUIT Grand Old Post Office student housing complex. Very soon, 75 lucky students will call this fully renovated facility “home.” I say “lucky” because these students will enjoy all the amenities of living in a partially furnished apartment. This beautiful facility is a far cry from being a “dorm” and really should not be referred to as such. Rather, the GOPO is better described as a university-owned and operated apartment complex. Unlike a dorm, every apartment unit has its own living room, kitchen, bathroom, and private bedrooms. Every single apartment in the complex is unique. There are no two floor plans that are just alike. No, this is not your father’s college dorm experience.

Q: The outside of your building downtown is really looking nice. What are some of the improvements that you have made?

Thank you for noticing. A lot of work has gone into preserving and improving the appearance of the building. Walking around the exterior, you will begin to notice how the restored original features of the building are well-complimented by several new elements that have been added. All the brick faces have been carefully repaired and cleaned. Each of the tired old store fronts have been given a facelift with an appealing contemporary line. All of the old rotted window frames have been replaced with gorgeous new windows with unobstructed views. Period light fixtures have been added all around the building to illuminate the wide new sidewalks and curbs. Raised concrete planters have been installed to soon accommodate flowers along the front entrance of the building. Old utility poles have been removed from the sidewalk areas for better curb appeal. The rust has been removed from the cornice moldings just below the roofline and painted to match the cast concrete elements of the building. Very soon, to crown it all off, we will see a brand new mural painted on the two-story east face of the building. All together, these improvements are slowly changing an eyesore into an Okmulgee icon. 

Q: How much will it cost for students to live in the Grand Old Post Office when it is completed?

To live in the GOPO, students must be 21 years of age or older and single. To accommodate the unpredictability that often accompanies young lives, we will charge rent per student rather than per unit. This ensures that no single tenant is “on the hook” for the full rent if a roommate moves out.

OSUIT students will pay $2,150 per term to live in the GOPO apartments (that works out to be about $537.50 per month). A reduced rate ($1,300) will be offered for half-semester interns. All utility bills are incorporated within the rent, including internet services. The only exception is cable TV, which tenants must activate on their own. These rates compare favorably to living on campus—a little higher than some of our on-campus facilities and a little lower than others.

There’s a lot of interest in this long anticipated facility. Thanks for your inquiries about the GOPO. Please keep sending them to osuit-president@okstate.edu