Q&A - October 25, 2015

In many ways, OSUIT is similar to a small city with its own roads, infrastructure and buildings. It has stores, restaurants, parks and recreational areas, walking trails and ponds.

It has its own police department, health care clinic, day care center, credit union, laundromat, copy center, greenhouse, carpentry and fabrication shop, post office, fitness center, small engine repair shop, motor pool and gas station. People live on campus and many others work on campus. OSUIT is like a city within a city.

Let me now respond to a couple of questions about land:

Q: I heard you have purchased some of the land to the north of your campus. Is this true?

Yes, through two land purchases and two land swaps, OSUIT has recently acquired approximately 24 acres to the north of campus along Mission Lane and Kennedy Road. It is our intention to clean up these properties, clearing them of undergrowth and debris. The existing structures on these properties will also be removed. Part of this new land will become outdoor lab space for our growing Pipeline Integrity Technology program, and part of it could be used to serve the future expansion needs of our High Voltage program. The OSUIT Campus Master Plan also calls for some of this new land to complete our system of campus interior roads and possibly as a location of future buildings to house our campus maintenance department.

This brings the campus of OSUIT up to approximately 230 acres of usable land in Okmulgee and ensures plenty of room for the future growth of campus operations. Our recent acquisitions have more than made up for land that OSUIT provided for the establishment of the Green Country Technology Center in 1993 and the College of the Muskogee Nation in 2009 (plus its expansion in 2014). Both of these sister institutions have enriched the landscape of educational and training offerings within Okmulgee.

Q: Is OSUIT interested in purchasing additional property around its campus?

This is a question I hear frequently from some neighboring property owners, and it is difficult to answer because it is so hard to predict what the future might hold. So let me respond this way… While there might be another property or two that OSUIT would have an interest in owning in the near future, for the most part, we already possess all the land we need to make good on our Campus Master Plan. The visionary plan certainly calls for several new buildings with future growth and development, but many of the new multi-story buildings (that are proposed in the plan) would be constructed on the sites of older single-story buildings after they have outlived their usefulness. This process should allow OSUIT to grow programs and enrollments without unnecessarily expanding its geographic footprint. But having said this, we always appreciate the courtesy when neighbors contact us first before they sell to someone else. We have such good neighbors, and we will always try to be a good neighbor in return.

Thank you for your interest in the campus expansion of OSUIT. Please send additional questions to osuit-president@okstate.edu.