Strategic Plan

This Strategic Plan is an internal working document of Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology (OSUIT). It has been designed to incorporate those goals, initiatives, & strategies that will most effectively assist the university in fulfilling its mission as measured through core performance indicators.

This is a five-year rolling plan that was started in 2012 and drafted with input from the entire campus community. The OSUIT Strategic Plan 2012-2017 was unveiled by the president to the entire faculty and staff during a professional development day on August 28, 2012. The original Plan was posted on the OSUIT website and distributed to other constituents shortly thereafter.

During the first year under this strategic planning model, over fifty separate Priority Action Items were completed. Progress on each of these items was monitored throughout the year using an internal reporting document titled OSUIT Ongoing Initiatives and Action Items. In an effort to keep the campus community informed about strategic planning; the president, executive vice president, and vice presidents provided regular updates on the status of Priority Action Items during Administrative Council meetings and Faculty and Staff Council meetings throughout the year. As Action Items were completed, email announcements were frequently sent out campus-wide.

To plot subsequent years of this rolling strategic plan, the president has held numerous strategic planning sessions with the senior administrative team and other members of the campus community. Core Indicator data has been compiled each year and reviewed. The status of prioritized Action Items has been closely analyzed each year. And budget considerations have been studied before setting any new Action Items.