Hall of Fame Awards Nomination

Nominations for the 2018 Alumni Hall of Fame Awards were accepted through February 15, 2018. All nominations submitted after February 15, 2018 will be considered for the 2019 Alumni Hall of Fame Awards. The 2018 Alumni Hall of Fame reception will be held in Summer 2018 on the OSUIT campus. More details to come.

2018 Distinguished Alumni & Rising Star Nomination Form

Each year, OSUIT will honor outstanding alumni during an annual Alumni Homecoming Reception.

We are accepting nominations for two distinct awards:

Distinguished Alumni – This award recognizes alumni who are established in their professions and whose career accomplishments have been outstanding.

  • Recipient must have graduated a minimum of 10 years ago
  • Recipient must have demonstrated success in their chosen field
  • Recipient must have performed outstanding service to their community
  • Recipient has made some type of contribution (monetary, served as an advisor, employer, guest speaker) to his/her program/department/school (Ideally, not required)

Rising Star Alumni – This award recognizes significant and/or outstanding accomplishments by alumni who are within their first ten years of graduation.

  • Recipient must have demonstrated early success in their chosen field
  • Recipient demonstrates promise of future leadership that will bring distinction to OSUIT

Please provide as much biographical information of the candidate as you can, so we can gain the best picture of the strengths and accomplishments of each candidate. Complete this form and return it to the address listed on the final page. If you are nominating more than one candidate, please use separate submission forms.