OSUIT Parking Permit

OSUIT in Okmulgee Vehicle permits are valid from September to August 31 of each year. All employees and students (including night classes) must have a valid permit on their vehicle. These permits are valid for the Okmulgee campus only.

Campus parking permits are to be affixed to the glass in the lower corner of the driver side of the vehicle on the front window. Parking permit must be visible at all times.

The parking permit will allow you to park anywhere on campus except in restricted areas. Areas such as Visitor Parking, Service Vehicle Parking, Handicapped Parking, Reserved Parking, sidewalks, and grass areas are restricted areas. You may only park in a Handicapped space if the Handicapped permit has been issued to you, not another family member and the Handicapped permit must be displayed properly (hung from rear view mirror) and visible.

Additional information about parking on campus can be found Parking Regulations page. Specific questions should be directed to the OSUIT Police Department at 918-293-4678.

In order to receive campus services (unlocks and jumpstarts) for your vehicle, the vehicle must be owned by you or by a member of your family.

You must enter your CWID or the permit will not be issued.
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