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Where can I view my OSU Bursar bill online?


How do I view my Bursar bill online?

Students must login to Web4Students to view billing statements, set up a semester payment plan, sign up for direct deposit, manage text message alerts, or view your 1098T. Once logged into Web4Students Click on Bursar Services under the Payment Info heading.

If you do not have an O-Key Login because you are not a currently enrolled student, you may login by clicking the Alternate Login using your Campus Wide ID and PIN or call the Admissions Office at 918-293-4680


How do I authorize others (parents) to view my Bursar Bill online?

Once logged into Web4Students, click on Payment Option Plan or Billing Statement under Payment Info. Click on Authorized User tab at the top of the page. Enter authorized user email address and click Yes to what you want them to access. The authorized user will receive two emails; the first will be an email acknowledging they are an authorized user; the second email will be their temporary password. Once they have received both emails, the authorized user needs to go online to the bursar website and click on the authorized user link.


Why am I getting an email telling me about my bursar billing statement?

Emails are automatically sent monthly informing students when their billing statement is available to view online. These emails are sent to the University email and to authorized user email addresses. Payment plan participants are sent installment payment due notifications in separate emails and the billing statement email is to inform you of the total monthly billing statement amount for informational purposes.


How do I get my refund?

There are two methods for receiving a refund, Direct Deposit and Refund check by mail to billing address.

Signing up for direct deposit is quick and easy. To add/manage banking information and receive deposits electronically, do the following: - Log in to Web4Students - Click eRefund under Payment Info - Select eRefunds tab (next to eBills) - Proceed to setup account. The Direct Deposit Program provides quicker delivery of your refund when your bursar account has been overpaid. If you participate in direct deposit, your refunds will transfer to your checking account within 48 hours after the credit becomes effective on your bursar account. The Direct Deposit Program is a service that is totally electronic, eliminating all manual processing steps.

To sign up, click Bursar Login located on the left hand side of the bursar website and use your O-Key login to complete the Direct Deposit Sign-Up information. If you do not choose to participate in the Direct Deposit Program, your refund will be issued by check. Refund checks are mailed on a weekly schedule to students’ billing addresses. The Bursar Office cannot cash these University-generated refund checks nor can they cash personal checks.


When is my bursar bill due?

The Bursar Office provides a monthly billing statement on the first business day of every month detailing charges and payments that occurred during the previous month. Statement notifications are emailed monthly to the students okstate email address as well as to authorized users and payments are due upon receipt.

Payment plan participants are sent installment payment due notifications in separate emails and the statement email is to inform you of the total monthly billing statement amount for informational purposes. Charges that appear on your billing statement that are still unpaid after the 15th of the month are subject to a 1.5% monthly penalty if you are not enrolled in the payment plan.


Who is responsible for paying my bursar bill; me or my parents?

The student is responsible for paying and making sure the account is kept current. Delinquent account information is disclosed to credit reporting agencies, which could endanger the student's credit rating on a local or national level. 


How do I pay online with a web check?

You may go directly into Web4Students then click the “Payment Info” tab at the top. To pay with a web check as a Guest, you need the CWID, birthdate, and amount to pay. You will need the last four digits of your CWID to complete the web check process after the 1st screen. There is a ten business day delay to clear a transcript financial hold using this method of payment.

Once a returned check is received, the web check payment method is no longer available to pay your account.


How does my sponsorship agency pay my bursar bill?

Students with agency sponsorship must provide the Bursar’s office with the proper documentation/forms each semester of enrollment to ensure proper credit to the student’s account. This is the responsibility of the student, not Student Financial Services nor the agency. If the agency does not pay the charges that were billed to them, the charges will be transferred back to the student. Don’t assume that just because your account shows a “0” balance, that the agency has paid for your charges.


How do I change my Title IV authorization?

In accordance with federal regulations, an institution must allow a student the opportunity to restrict the use of their Title IV, HEA program funds to pay for only current semester qualified charges on their Bursar account or pay prior-year charges, not to exceed $200.

OSUIT policy mandates outstanding balances must be cleared prior to attending subsequent semesters and holds are placed on the student's academic record, thereby preventing release of a transcript or diploma until the account has been paid.

If you need to make a change to your Title IV authorization, please fill out this form and return it to the Bursar office.