OSUIT Traffic Citation Appeal Form

I. University Police Citation Appeals Committee

The University Police Citation Appeals Committee membership will be chaired by the Director of Public Safety, as a nonvoting member, and three (3) persons one to be nominated by each University Vice President.

II. University Police Citation Appeal Procedure

OSUIT Citation(s) issued by an OSUIT Police Officer may be appealed to the University Police Citation Appeals Committee, and can only be submitted by the person receiving the citation.

The appeal must be submitted below.

An appeal is not a hearing, but is a review of the rationality of the citation. It serves as a practical safeguard for the individual. The burden of proof is on the individual the citation was issued to and not the University. The individual must show that one or more of the listed grounds for appeal have merit.

  1. Appeals for University citations must be submitted on-line within ten (10) University working/school days of receiving the citation. Failure to file an appeal within the prescribed time period constitutes a waiver of any right to an appeal.
  2. The appeal must cite at least one of the following criteria as the reason for appeal and supporting argument(s):
    • The evidence presented by the Officer was not “sufficient” to justify a citation against the individual.
    • Evidence which could have substantially affected the outcome of issuing the citation has since been discovered.
    • The citation issued was not appropriate for the violation.
  3. The Director of Public Safety will convene the University Police Citation Appeals Committee to review the record of the citation, including documentary evidence. It is the University Police Citation Appeals Committee’s discretion to affirm the citation issued, convert any citation imposed to a lesser sanction or to rescind any previous citation.
  4. The final decision will be communicated in writing by the Appeals Committee to the appealing individual, with a copy sent to appropriate offices. The decision will normally be communicated within ten (10) working/school days of convening the University Police Citation Appeals Committee, but may take longer during University recesses or in a complex case.
  5. The decision of the University Police Citation Appeals Committee shall be final.

Please note, this is for OSUIT (Okmulgee) students only.

If you'd like to submit a photo, it must be a gif, jpg, png, or bmp under 2MB in size.