How do you leverage technology to give your customers the core workplace skills training they need?

WinAt-Work: A Winning Model

WinAt-Work® is a modernized solution developed by The Quality Group. OSU now uses the program to deliver training. It delivers training through engaging modules and simulation games that allow participants to watch, interact and problem solve. Participants relate to its realistic and engaging workplace scenarios, which are presented by actors who look and talk like them.

The program includes four modules (Interviewing, Good Work Habits, Getting Along, and Getting Ahead) and three interactive simulation games. Customer feedback suggests the training is appropriate for the audience, holds participant’s attention, and effectively transfers knowledge of job skills training topics.

A Lesson in Confidence

One of the top benefits of job-readiness training is that it can build confidence and self-esteem. By immersing participants in simulation after simulation, WinAt-Work® gives participants the sense of confidence that comes from knowing how to handle a variety of workplace situations.

WinAt-Work® Training Materials

Four modules:

  • Interviewing
  • Good Work Habits
  • Getting Along
  • Getting Ahead
  • Interviewing Game
  • Communication Game
  • Blended Activities
  • Good Moves Game

  Typically 4-6 hours total

A Case Study : Overview

The Client
Workforce Solutions (WFS) Greater Dallas governs and manages the workforce development system in Dallas.

The Challenge
Faced with an influx of customers, WFS Dallas sought technology-based solutions to extend staff capacity and meet critical needs.

The Results
WinAt-Work’s 100% web-based training allowed WFS Dallas to deliver efficient and effective employability training to customers, without increasing staff.

Reference provided by The Quality Group, Inc.