Preparing for your visit

  • Check availability of tutors and tutoring times by calling the Center at 918-293-4855, or drop in for a personal visit.
  • Talk with the staff and request your session.
  • Before you meet with a tutor, you must complete your assignment to the best of your ability. Also, please prepare any questions for your tutor.

Bring all materials needed to your session, including: the assignment, hand-outs, notes, the text for the course, and possibly the course syllabus.

Tutors are not permitted to provide assistance on take-home quizzes, test, or exams. It is the tutor’s job to answer questions, assist with the assignment, and offer suggestions. It is not the responsibility of the tutor to complete the assignments.

Elgibility for Tutoring

You must be a current or prospective student at OSU Institute of Technology. You also must have completed and signed the tutoring contract and filled out the request for tutoring form. Present your student I.D. card at the time of your session. I.D. is required for scanning in and out of the center.

Check In/Out

Students must check in by using your student id in the LASSO Center for each tutoring session.


Records of students receiving tutoring are kept confidential. Only the LASSO director and staff may access the records.

No-Show Policy

If you cannot keep an appointment, you must call the center at least two hours prior to your absence.

Limit on Hours

While there is no limit on hours, students must understand they cannot be promised a dedicated tutor for an extended among of time. It is very possible that tutors may have to float among several students at a time.

Proctored Tests

Students must have their student id before the test will be proctored. Students must set-up the proctored exam 48 hours in advance to ensure the availability of a proctor. All students must check-in and begin their test by 2 p.m. and be completed by 4:30 p.m. 

Reader for Tests

If a student is needing a reader for a test they need to schedule this in the LASSO Center 48 hours in advance of test.

Reader for COMPASS Placement Test

Prospective or current students need to have disability documentation on file prior to testing with a reader. To ensure a reader is available students must schedule with the LASSO Center 48 hours in advance of testing.