The Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning is located in the Learning Resource building across the hall from the Library. The Center facilities are designed to support OSUIT faculty, staff and administrators in meeting their professional development goals and to promote collaborative interaction amongst all employees.

Check the chart below to see which rooms within the Center facility best meet your needs.

Please note: A one-time orientation is required prior to the first use of the model classrooms or conference room. The orientation takes approximately 30 minutes. Please contact the Center at ext. 4987 to schedule.

Model Classrooms

These innovative classrooms are designed to promote interaction and encourage collaborative teaching and learning strategies. Faculty are encouraged to reserve these rooms and try out their features with students.

Learning Lab
Room 109

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This room has four tables with monitors and 3 triangulated, interactive projectors.  Each table seats 8 with 6 computer connections per table.  Each computer can be individually displayed on the table monitor.

The session leader can quickly move between displaying their own computer and any one of the tables’ displays on the interactive whiteboards.

Capacity:  32 

Active Learning Classroom
Room 101

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If you have been in The Center, you may have seen this classroom with the orange rolling chairs (Node chairs). 

This room also has 2 projectors which will project the session leader’s laptop presentation or a webinar.

This room can be configured in any way to accommodate your class/meeting.

Capacity:  30

Collaborative Spaces
Conference Room
Room 103

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This room has a u-shaped table with two monitors and technology to permit projection from your laptop or a Skype session or webinar.  

Conference phone access is also available. 

Capacity: 5

Conversation Area
Room 105

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In the open area of The Center are several areas for collaboration, some with and some without tables.

On the south end of the room, four tables with four chairs each can be configured into any pattern to fit your needs. 

A variety of upholstered chairs can also be arranged as needed.  Three monitors are available for use either in tandem or individually.

Capacity: 48