Project Workflow

Adventures in Marketing

Let us help you bring the awesome to your next marketing project using these handy steps as a guide.

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Contact Shari Erwin anytime at or (918) 293-4966.

Send your request to Shari Erwin, OSUIT’s Marketing Director. She will determine all facets of communication.

Step 1: Launch Project with Marketing

Your project request will then be assigned to a graphic designer/web developer, and added to the internal project management schedule.

Step 2: Project Assigned & Scheduled

The assigned designer will contact you to determine your project needs and assist in determining project delivery.

Step 3: Determine Project Needs

Once the project needs have been determined, the designer will contact the copy center to give the project specifications. The Copy Center will then initiate the request for bidding.

Step 4: Project Specifications & Bidding

When the bid request returns from the select vendors, the Copy Center will contact you via email, for your account information and vendor approval.

Step 5: Bid & Vendor Approval

Once the Copy Center has your approval, an award PO will be sent to the successful bidder and the final files will be sent to that vendor for print. The Copy Center will coordinate with the vendor during the print process.

Step 6: Coordinate with Approved Vendor

When the Copy Center receives your printed job from the vendor, they will contact you for pick up.

Step 7: Project Success!