Who Is Eligible to Use OSUIT Counseling Services and How Much Does It Cost?

Counseling services are free to all OSU Institute of Technology students. 

What Is a Counseling Session Like?

Counselors talk with you to help you examine your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Talking with a counselor can help you understand your problems and develop new skills. These might be skills that help you talk to others better or deal with stress more effectively. You might learn how to say no when you need to or how to make better decisions. Keep in mind that counselors will not solve your problems for you. Their role is to help facilitate your awareness so that you learn ways to problem-solve on your own. 

Will the Counseling Session be Confidential?

All information you share about yourself will be kept confidential. Only with your written permission will information be released to anyone outside of Counseling Services except as required by law. Legal exceptions include the following:

  • clear and imminent danger to you or someone else
  • reasonable suspicion that a child or elder is currently being abused
  • a court order

Counseling records do not become part of student educational or medical records. While counselors may consult with a supervisor or with one another, all staff members are ethically and legally bound to treat that information confidentially.

If I Decide to Use the OSUIT Counseling Services, What Type of Time Commitment Do I Need to Make?

The amount of time you spend in counseling is determined by your needs and your schedule. Each counseling session is usually 30 to 50 minutes, and you may meet weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

Long-term therapy is not available through the counseling services at OSUIT; students are referred to agencies or medical professionals in the community if long-term therapy is needed. 

If I Am Concerned About One of My Friends or Someone I Know, What Can I Do?

You can come by or call OSUIT Counseling Services to arrange a time to speak with the counselor. If you think your friend is having a serious crisis, call immediately. If it is after hours, call the Campus Police at 918-293-5000.

What If I Start Feeling Suicidal?

SEEK HELP IMMEDIATELY! Call the Campus Police at 918-293-5000 or call Counseling Services at 918-293-4988. If off campus, dial 911.

If I Go to the Counseling Services, Does It Mean There Is Something Wrong with Me?

No, it does not. For the most part, students who use the counseling services are interested in their personal growth and adjustment to their new surroundings. Many students face normal developmental concerns and academic pressures ranging from depression, anxiety, stress, and anger. Counselors are trained to help you think about alternatives and options that can enhance your ability to make good decisions, communicate more effectively, and change unhealthy behaviors.  .

Limits to Counseling Services

OSUIT counselors do not: Prescribe Medications; Diagnose Mental Illness; or Perform Long-Term Therapy.  For serious mental health issues, referrals are made to community resources.


Counseling Services   |   918-293-4988   |   Student Union, Room 142

OSUIT Campus Police   |   918 293-5000

Suicide Prevention National Hotline   |   1-800-273-TALK.