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Outstanding Staff Nomination

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Outstanding Faculty Nomination

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Faculty/Staff Council Members

Faculty Council Members

Name Phone Number Department Term Ending Remarks
Stephen Stroud ext. 5269 HEVi 2014 Member
Judy Black ext. 4992 M-Power 2013 Secretary
Michelle Clevenger ext. 5090 LASSO Center 2014 Member
Stephen Murphey ext. 4720 HEVi 2013 FSC Chair
Ken Milliman ext. 5154 ETD 2012 Member
Teri Stamper ext. 4702 LASSO Center 2012 OSU Faculty Representative
Bill Leib ext. 5030 Culinary Arts 2014 Member
Mark Rodriguez ext. 4840 Arts & Sciences 2014 Chair, OSUIT Faculty Committee
Chrissi Martin ext. 4789 Nursing 2014 Member
Delois Middleton ext. 4854 Arts & Sciences 2014 Member
Steven Rubert ext. 4864 Arts & Sciences 2015 Chair, Public Relations
Roger Shepherd ext. 5308 ACR 2015 Member

Staff Council Members

Name Phone Number Department Term Ending Remarks
Pat Singleton ext. 4942 Student Life 2015 FSC Treasurer
Gary McGowin ext. 4746 Physical Plant Services 2014 Member
Angie Been ext. 4772 LASSO Center 2013 Chair, Rules & Procedures
Trudy Book ext. 5050 Visual Communications 2014 Member
BJ O’Brien ext. 4768 Arts & Sciences 2012 Member
Stanley Teague ext. 4873 Energy/Safety Coordinator 2013 Chair, Policies & Benefits
Curtis Miller ext. 5498 Institutional Research & Assessment 2013 Member, Chair Elect
Kevin Hulett ext. 5476 CIS 2014 Member
Jay Wilson ext. 4626 Physical Plant/Housing Maintenance 2014 Member
Jenny Duncan ext. 5488 Library 2013 Chair, OSUIT Staff Committee
Bruce Force ext. 5456 Student Life 2013 Chair, Health & Wellness
Robbie Van Hooser ext. 5208 Academic Affairs 2014 OSU Staff Representative

Faculty/Staff Council Committees

Faculty Advisory Committee Mark Rodriguez, Chair
Staff Advisory Committee Jenny Duncan, Chair
Policy & Benefits Committee Stanley Teague, Chair
Public Relations Committee Steven Rubert, Chair
Rules & Procedures Committee Angie Been, Chair
Award & Recognition Committee Vacant
Faculty/Staff Council Stephen Murphey, Chair
OSU Stillwater Faculty Representative Teri Stamper
OSU Stillwater Staff Representative Robbie Van Hooser