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Proudly Serving Those Who Have Served

Nationally recognized as a military-friendly university, OSU Institute of Technology is proud of a long heritage of serving veterans since 1946. OSUIT works with service men and women to discover how their military skills and experiences can transfer into college credits and helps them determine the degree program that will best suit their needs and experiences.

Military Crosswalk (Beta version)
Online resource matching educational programs to military occupations.

Employment - Focused

  • Employment - Focused Overall 99% placement rate of our graduates in their field of study.
  • Paid internships in most programs so you can EARN while you LEARN.
  • Professional level assessments for career readiness certificates issued through the State of Oklahoma.
    These are portable third party credentials!

Our Mission

OSU Institute of Technology provides world-class instruction in advanced technologies. Instruction is delivered through innovative programming to educate high performance technicians that businesses and industries are seeking for globally competitive environments.


OSUIT’s outcome-focused instruction takes place in advanced technology labs with the latest, cutting-edge equipment that you’ll find in today’s workplace.

Credit for Experience

We follow the American Council on Education (ACE) recommendations, and use the following means for awarding credits. No fees are charged for transcript evaluations.

  • Evaluation of MOS, Ratings, Air Force Specialty Codes, and military transcripts.
  • Council for Adult & Experiential Learning (CAEL) to award prior learning assessment credits for life and work experiences, training, etc.
  • DSST, CLEP, AP examinations
  • Service members may also “challenge” courses and take a proctored exam. Advanced placement credit is granted, without the need to take the class, for passing the test at the required level.
  • National credit transfers from accredited institutions, as well as degree-relevant credits awarded and transcribed by other accredited institutions through portfolio assessments, military training, etc.


  • Tuition is $105.50 per hour. Our fees are $35.00 per hour. Total cost per hour is $140.50. Affordable tuition is only half of the OSUIT value proposition. More than 90% of our students secure high demand jobs immediately upon graduation with exponential earning potential and opportunities for rapid career advancement.

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Above & Beyond

Our commitment to veterans and their families goes beyond the basics.

OSUIT has a full-time VA Coordinator/Scholarship Coordinator responsible for making sure veterans and family members are aware of benefits for which they are eligible, and requirements for maintaining eligibility.

Full-time active duty stationed in Oklahoma or temporarily present through military orders, as well as spouses and dependent children, are classified as in-state residents.