Options for ITT Tech Military Veteran Students

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Sommer Farrimond
Veteran Services Coordinator
(918) 293-4972

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For more information and options for ITT Tech Students:

More Options

As a military veteran, your biggest concern might be how this closure affects benefits and potential loss of credits. At OSUIT we:

  • Value work experience and military training. Through our Prior Learning Assessment, there is transparency on how we award college credits, so veterans know how they can have their previous education and military experience transcribed into college credits toward a specific degree program. Through portfolio reviews, challenge examinations, military transcripts, etc., veterans have a very high probability of credits already earned at ITT being transcribed to a degree at OSUIT.
  • We will conduct free on-the-spot transcript evaluations and degree audits to show how many credits will apply to a specific degree and what remains.
  • Many of our programs are direct ties to military specializations, and we have developed an ITT to OSUIT table to indicate what programs at ITT would be a good fit at OSUIT.
  • Many of our faculty ARE military veterans and are advocates for you. In addition, they do evaluate the technical credits.
  • Institutional and foundation scholarships and transfer scholarships are still available.
  • Financial aid is still available

Steps we recommend for veterans:

  1. Log into the JST website and print out your Joint military transcripts. Send an official copy sent to OSUIT, ATTN: Veteran Services, 1801 E. 4th Street, Okmulgee, OK, 74447. OR, bring it to the OSUIT Okmulgee campus.  Our VA Coordinator, Sommer, will look for any and all possible transferable credits.
  2. Obtain a copy of your ITT transcript through Parchment Exchange. Upon receipt, we will take it to the School with your major, and have it reviewed. Sommer is YOUR advocate. She will work on your behalf to get the credits you deserve.
  3. Sommer will help you look up how much you have remaining in education benefits and deduce how much it would take to finish a degree with OSUIT.
  4. If you took out federal student loans while attending ITT, Sommer will match you up with a financial aid representative here, or will help you to apply to have the debt canceled (cannot continue attending college).
  5. Sommer will connect you with a current OSUIT veteran ASAP to establish a personal connection with another student.
  6. We also offer, specifically for vets, a Private Veteran Lounge with access to military benefits specialists twice a month, access to a refrigerator and microwave, a very active Student Veteran Association club and all their activities, veteran events held on campus, veteran trips off campus, veteran and military connected faculty, etc.