Associate in Science Pre-Education, Secondary Education

Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology offers a  comprehensive Pre-Education program featuring:

  • Seamless transfer process into a bachelor’s degree program
  • Low student-to-faculty ratios
  • Full-time faculty focused on student-centered learning

Develop a solid educational foundation that meets all state requirements in math, english, science, social sciences, and foreign language. The Oklahoma Department of Education recently stated that state teacher salaries average $31,000 to $37,000 annually.

Graduates who earn an Associate of Science degree in Pre-Education from OSU Institute of Technology can seamlessly continue their education towards a Bachelor’s degree that will allow them to teach in a wide variety of environments including elementary, early childhood, special education, and secondary education. The AS degree will give students the foundational courses they need to transfer and complete a Bachelor of Education degree at most universities across the nation.

All coursework in the Pre-Education Associate in Science Degree seamlessly transfers to any Oklahoma college that offers a bachelor’s degree in education. Students who complete a bachelor’s degree are likely to have increased earnings of almost $1 million over the course of their lifetime compared to high school graduates.

Plan of Study