After earning an Associate of Applied Science degree in Electrical / Electronics, Instrumentation Concentration, students can then pursue an Associate in Applied Science or Bachelor of Technology in Instrumentation Engineering Technology.

Students continue to build on their knowledge and skill set in the areas of safety applications; DC electronics and metrology; AC electronics and photonics; industrial electrical systems and motors; digital systems and microcontrollers; hydraulics and pneumatics; and basic design drafting.

After graduation, those who earn their degree are qualified to design, specify, troubleshoot, and manage instrumentation and control systems in the fields of chemical processing, food processing, oil and gas production, manufacturing, energy production, and other highly technical fields.

Because of the high-level skill set and education obtained through earning an Associate in Applied Science or Bachelor of Technology in Instrumentation, graduates of the program are better equipped for advancement into management positions as more companies install and upgrade high-tech production systems.

Professionals trained in high-tech automations solutions are in demand as companies seek to increase the consistency, quantity and quality of goods produced in Oklahoma to better compete in the global market.

Our Mission

The Instrumentation Engineering Technology program at OSUIT provides a hands-on approach to education. The program is committed to lifelong learning and professionalism and places focus on quality instruction in an applied manner. Our overall intent is to supply the students with the education they will need to be a positive influence in the workforce and engineering technology community. It is also intended that students will develop a dedication to the profession and an ability to maintain professional competency through a program of lifetime learning.