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Face-to-Face Common Syllabus (template)

Online Common Syllabus (template)

New Section Examples (pdf)

Syllabus Attachment 18-19 (pdf)

Common Syllabus Guidelines (pdf)

Create a PDF from a Word document (pdf)

When complete, upload your syllabus pdf to http://go.osuit.edu/employees/syllabus_management and your Online Classroom (Brightspace) prior to the start of each course.

The Syllabus Attachment should be provided to your students in one or more of the following methods:

  1. Upload the pdf to your Online Classroom (Brightspace).
  2. Add the link to your Online Classroom (Brightspace).
  3. Direct students to the link found near the end of the common syllabus.
  4. Disseminate a paper copy (least preferred method).