New Employee Mentoring Program

Getting started at a new job can be a time of stress for many employees. At OSUIT, we are committed to supporting our new colleagues during their time of transition.

New Employee Mentoring at OSUIT

Each new employee at OSUIT is assigned a mentor prior to their first day of work. The mentoring relationship creates a one-on-one, supportive environment for the exchange of knowledge and experience.  Mentors listen, ask questions, provide insight and give feedback.  The mentor should encourage open interaction and arrange informal opportunities to meet and become acquainted with the person being mentored.  The mentor acts as a sounding board for ideas and concerns.  The mentor communicates and clarifies organizational objectives and goals and expands the new employee's network of contacts within the university.

The mentor can also facilitate the employee's development by recommending opportunities for training. Mentors instill the OSUIT core values of personal integrity, respect for others, stewardship of resources, service to others, pursuit of excellence and continuous learning and improvement. Mentors should take every opportunity to include the new employee in OSUIT activities, take steps to make them feel they are valued members of the campus community, and celebrate their accomplishments.

Mentoring Activities

Recommended for mentors of all new employees

  • Remind the new employee of meetings and important dates.
  • Discuss OSUIT campus communications with the new employee.
  • Introduce the new employee to others in group settings.
  • Assist the new employee with the completion of forms.
  • Discuss the institution’s mission and goals with the new employee.
  • Attend professional development workshops with the new employee.

Additional recommendations for faculty mentors

  • Assist with grading/attendance guidelines.
  • Assist with understanding of the drop policy.
  • Discuss the importance of timely attendance reporting.
  • Discuss classroom philosophy and the learning process.
  • Discuss the importance of following the course syllabus and assessment of student learning.

Mentees will be provided with an overview of the mentoring program during the on-boarding process. Support and training for mentors is available as needed from the Center @ OSUIT.